1. 2000cc~N~Texas

    Back in DFW....again

    Well, I try this every time I'm back in DFW. Sadly, many people flake out on me. I am looking for any possible scenario..... full swap, FF GB, MFM, MFF..... you name it! I arrive today and will be in DFW for several weeks. I know you men would love to see your wife with another woman, right...
  2. 2000cc~N~Texas

    Miss Temptation

    Did you guys see they have crowned "Miss Temptation -2020"? No disrespect for the winner - I'm sure she is lovely - but I can name about 30 of you women, from this site, who would be just as deserving of this title! ;)
  3. 2000cc~N~Texas

    Home for the holidays

    After a very busy fall in California, I'll be heading home for the holidays. We will be at our vacation home in DFW from 12-14-2020 to 01-06-2020. If you are in the area and are interested in some fun adult time, let me know. I am in desperate need of some fun without someone yelling "cut"...
  4. 2000cc~N~Texas

    Yearly Tradition!

    To all of my British Contemporaries out there: HAPPY GUY FAWKES DAY! ~'Remember, Remember the 5th of November!' Viva La Revolution or victory over domestic terrorism....whichever historic side you fall upon! Enjoy your hotdogs and fireworks! MarkHolly, magicmat, etc...
  5. 2000cc~N~Texas

    Make out 2.0

    With only 13 days to go, I am a little behind in this posting. Many of you may remember that last year, I posted a thread called "Make Out". The idea of the post was to introduce the Western Hemisphere (which is notoriously viewed as somewhat "prudish") to a very European Swingers approach to...
  6. 2000cc~N~Texas

    Blog: From Quarantine to (Porn)Stardom

    Over the past year, so many of you have been begging me to please make this blog. So, the quarantine time, at home, has made it a reality! When we visit Cancun Swingers, we are immersed with sexual content and forget that so many members are not LS or are just starting their adventure, not...
  7. 2000cc~N~Texas

    A world reeling with the Coronavirus and the Snowflakes

    The conversation is getting so heavy with coronavirus talk that I thought I'd lighten the mood with an out of character rant from Mike that had me rolling on the floor, in laughter. Have any of you noticed the following?: Since the invention of indoor plumbing, women have had to endure long...
  8. 2000cc~N~Texas

    Brand Ambassador

    I wanted to take a moment to say thank you to so many of you. I was contacted by Mr. Hernandez who said he wanted to offer me an interview for a position as Brand Ambassador for TTR. He said that he had received an overwhelming number of recommendations come in suggesting me for this position...
  9. 2000cc~N~Texas

    What do you do when horny in public?

    When out and about, running errands, I will hear comments from men or women, or I'll allow my mind to stray and before you know it, I'm super horny. This got me wondering what you all do to handle similar situations, that you face. Please vote in the poll, above, and then tell us about a...
  10. 2000cc~N~Texas

    Superbowl Shenanigans

    This post will be long..... but what else would you expect from me? Grab a beer and settle in: Each year, Mike and I host a wildly successful and entertaining superbowl party for a group limited to 25 LS/Swinger couples. We call it....wait for it... SUPERBOWL SHENANIGANS! Here's how it...
  11. 2000cc~N~Texas

    3 weeks off?!?!?

    Have you every wondered what would happen if you took some time off from this site? I, recently, took just shy of 3 weeks off, to visit friends and family for the Thanksgiving holiday and returned to find this: So.....I'll be around but might not be replying very quickly. Thanks for all the...
  12. 2000cc~N~Texas

    Celebrities at TTR

    Things are, certainly, slowing down since the summer when I could count on 70-80 messages a day but I still can count on my inbox being full, anytime I login to CS. Many messages are from friends we met at TTR but a sizable amount are from couples either new to the LS or are hopeful about...
  13. 2000cc~N~Texas

    Guy Fawkes

    As the hours of November the 4th are drawing to an end, I want to wish all my British Imperialist friends, a HAPPY GUY FAWKES DAY, tomorrow. REMEMBER, REMEMBER THE 5TH OF NOVEMBER! In honor of the failed attempt at treachery, I always try to fuck a Brit on Guy Fawkes Day! Lol Any Volunteers...
  14. 2000cc~N~Texas

    SLS and pay sites.....What's the big deal?

    I joined SLS today, filled out the questionnaire, uploaded 20+ pics, searched for nearby couples, and then started receiving several message notifications. As with any pay site, you are prompted to pay for a full membership in order to communicate with other members. I am hoping that you guys...
  15. 2000cc~N~Texas

    Job Offer????

    It seems that TTR just posted the following ad for a Brand Ambassador. Hmmmmmmm............. ;) ;) ;) Anybody come to mind, for this position? Lol ;) ;) ;)
  16. 2000cc~N~Texas

    Halloween Costumes

    We are, now, booked for our second trip to TTR this coming October. I LOVE dressing up for bash parties and it has me thinking about how fun Halloween will be, at Bash! It's no secret that I like to grab attention (let's not discuss what that makes me...lol) whenever someone says "Party". So...
  17. 2000cc~N~Texas

    Superhero Night

    Since the majority of the guests do not participate in the theme nights (costume wise), what do most people go dressed as? Are they all DC and Marvel characters or is the term "superhero" a loose term that means more of a "recognizable character" than superhero, per say? Several have contacted...