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Jul 8, 2015
Glad to see Temptation have reopened & with all the great reviews so far, we're excited to book our 5th trip back for Aug.
We've always booked direct thru the resort for room & air package, as we thought they had to best pricing & less hassles in messing up reservations. But reading that many others had good experiences with other booking sites. So we're looking at other options now.
- Direct non-stop roundtrip flights from Houston IAH to Cancun on United air, $146 /pp, we get free checked baggage for using United credit card (so around $300 for us 2)
- Plush jaccuzzi room only, direct on Temptation & on most other sites including Travelocity are about the same
- But booking Room & air package together: Temptation adds another $100 for included air, whereas on Travelocity it's almost $100 cheaper with air included than the room only price. No brainer there.

So what's your opinion on booking other reputable booking sites, besides booking directly with resort?


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Mar 14, 2019
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