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Oct 20, 2019
Pensacola, Fl
This may seem like a stupid question but does anyone wear hair extension to ttr ? On my first trip I skipped the extension and wouldn't mind stepping up my game this time but, I dont know how the weather or the sexy pool will effect them. Any advice?


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Mar 14, 2019
I wear hair extensions almost every day of my life (you can see them in many of my pics). Lol In fact, I have more hair extensions than shoes, I think. :p

When I go to ttr I do NOT take extensions for the following reasons:

1. The humidity is killer and that hair will kink up in a matter of minutes.

2. A considerable amount of time is spent in the sexy pool and that chlorine is strong enough to do some damage.

3. If I find a couple, single guy, or group of guys and take them back to the room, I don't want them to grab on for the ride and fall backward as they pull out my extensions. Lol

If you want to wear them to dinner, it might be ok, but my advice is to just be you and leave the hard work at home. No need to impress. You're walking around're already impressing everyone.
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