Happy Birthday!


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Dec 26, 2013
Hi, Sam here. Today is Sindy's birthday (a significant one) and I'll tell you about her day. A couple days ago I asked her what she would like for her birthday. She thought for a while and finally said, "I'd like to do something that I've never done before." "What's that?" I asked. "I'd like to have sex on the beach at my favorite place at sunrise." I responded with a wink, "Well, I think we can arrange that!"

I set the alarm for 5am, got up and shaved, brushed my teeth and took a shower. When I started to get dressed, Sindy was already gone. I said to myself, "Oh, yea, she's going to be lying on the beach naked when I get there and it's going to be HOT!"

I finished getting dressed and brushed my teeth again for good measure, grabbed a couple beach towels, a cold bottle of champaign and two glasses and jumped in the car. The 10 minute drive seemed like an hour and I got more excited with each passing minute. Finally, I arrived and there was Sindy's little red sports car. I parked my car next to hers and gathered the goodies and started the ten minute walk to out private spot. This time the ten minute walk seemed to take forever and I was getting harder with each step. Finally, I was approaching the sand dune that kept our little secluded spot private.

As I crested the dune, I saw Sindy lying completely naked on a beach towel and the early sun was just starting to glisten on her naked body... as well as HIS!

"Hey Baby! Come on down! We just finished! Sorry you missed it!"

LOL! Happy Birthday Baby! Love you!



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Dec 11, 2011
Southwest Florida
Happy Birthday Sindy (kisses),
We're looking forward to seeing you again next time you're back in town
Hugs to you also Sam :)
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